Saturday, July 7, 2012

California trip

Here are a few pictures from our vacation to California. Just to clue you in on how it went.... it was great visiting with my family but Zoe wasn't feeling good the whole time. The first couple of days we spent camping in Napa Valley. It was the Welge family reunion.
 This is Zoe and Sammy. Sammy is my cousins little girl and she is 3 months younger then Zoe. They got along really well for how young they are!
 Here's Mommy and Zoe going for a walk to check everything out!
 This is my parents, little brother Matt and us! We are all in our reunion shirts!
 I thought this was way cute! Zoe was walking with her Grandpa and Jett (my cousins son who is 3 months older then Zoe) was walking with his Grandpa!
 Zoe loved to help Grandma sweep the grass!

 One of they days we drove to go see a Geyser! It was pretty neat!

 Zoe loved to feed the sheep's and goats!
On Saturday, we went to visit with Aunt Linda and Uncle Dan. We went to their county fair and watched fireworks. Zoe will tell you now that she LOVES FIREWORKS!!! This was a tough day! She had a fever and did NOT feel good!!!
On Tuesday we were invited to go to the park with my cousin Christina and her son Jett. Grandma just bought Zoe this bubble machine and this was the perfect chance to try it out. She loved it! She loved the fact that she could do it by herself!!!

I cant remember what day this was but it was the perfect distraction from her not feeling good! Grandpa took her outside to play in the water!

For the Fourth of July, we went to my cousins husbands parents house. They have a nice big area for the kids to play!

My cousin Whitney made chocolate covered oreos. Do you think Zoe liked them?!?
 They had two cows! Zoe wasn't very sure about them.
 My oldest sister Danielle and me!
This is us waiting for the fireworks! She wasn't feeling good and was very tired, so after a while it was just a fight. Once we got in the car to go home it only took 2 seconds for her to fall asleep!
Over all, it was a good trip! I am so thankful for everything my parents did for us while we were there and can't wait to see everyone again!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Fun

There has been so many new things in my life that I really haven't had time to blog about! First of all... I don't know if I have said this on my blog yet, but I am pregnant!!! I am having another little girl! She is due to come on October 5th. Greer and I had a really hard time picking out another girls name that we both liked but we have finally come to the conclusion that she will be named Adalyn Grace! I feel so blessed that I am going to have two sweet baby girls!! I love both of my sisters and they have been a great influence on my life, and I am so glad that Zoe will have a sister! I know that I will eventually be blessed with a baby boy some day and I look forward to that day!
This summer has been great so far! One day after work I came home to my amazing husband setting up an awesome backyard for Zoe. He got her a cute pink swimming pool. We have been outside a LOT so far! Zoe loves to play outback with the water. She asks every day if she can go out and play with the water!
This first picture is just one that I took while I was just playing with my camera. I thought it was a cute picture of Zoe and Mommy... so here it is on my blog! At the same time I was taking pictures, Zoe was eating a cookie, and she is my cookie monster! In fact, she loves all sweets!!! OH... the cookie picture didn't show up!!
 This was a trip to the Spanish Fork park. They have a splash pad, which Zoe loves to play in. I just love when she will wear her sunglasses!!!
 This was the same trip but I needed to take a picture of Zoe in her new towel that my Mom got for her. It has a monkey on it!!
 This is just a couple pictures of our backyard fun!

 She likes to play in the water fountain water for some reason!
 All I can say is... Daddy needs a BOY!!! He got her some squirt guns to play with. She loves them, but doesn't like to be squirted!!!!
 I tried out a new hair style with Zoe and thought it was so cute!!!! She was also eating some M&M's!
We have had such a great summer so far! We are heading out to California for a Welge family reunion on Tuesday. We can't wait to see everyone! I will try to get those pictures on as fast as I can!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 I really can NOT figure out this new layout so this is really crazy!!! If any of you want to give me some tips on how to make a post easier on me... PLEASE let me know!! I also didn't realize that I haven't put my Easter pictures up so here are a few. I am getting frustrated with it so I am not going to try and put more on.... sorry!

Living Planet Aquarium

It has been so long since I have posted and now they have this new set up... let me just say that I HATE IT! I have no clue how to do anything yet and I am trying to figure it all out. I have so many pictures i have to try and get on here but at least this is a start. So this week I don't have to work because it is the week after school got out for summer. We always close for a week. I really have been trying to keep Zoe from sitting at home and being bored. Monday was Memorial Day so we spent the day with Greer's family. Tuesday we went with Brittney to the park. Zoe loved the splash pad and ended up soaking wet! Today Greer didn't work so we drove up to Sandy to go to the Aquarium. It was pretty interesting! Zoe loved the penguins!!! Here is just a couple of the photos that I took while we were there. This First one is just a cute picture that I found on my camera and I have no clue how old it is!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This was from about a month ago. And I wish that she didn't get so distracted, but this is at least the first part of her AB's (ABC'S). She loves to sing but isn't very good infront of the camera!

Warming up!

I had some time today and actually decided to upload my photos to my computer. Here are just a couple of some random pictures from the park. We think this would be a good picture to send to Minute Maid! What do you think?

This was just one that I took a while ago and I think its too funny! She loves to have her monkey on her neck!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Monkey

I know that you guys probably get sick of seeing pictures of Zoe... but too bad!!! I think she is the cutest little girt ever and I can't get enough of her!! These pictures are really for my Mom because she sent this leotard to Zoe for valentines day. Its perfect for her! For all of you that don't know, Zoe is my little Monkey! She has monkeys all over! She is slowly getting better at her gymnastics classes. She likes it, as long as we are moving! For the 10 minutes that we sit and stretch, she is moving from mom to mom trying to find a friend! Its a good thing that she is so cute and that none of the moms care. Don't mind the fact that after her gymnastics class I took her to McDonald's for lunch. I know.... its so healthy!! How could you not love this face!!!

As for life, we are doing good! Not much has changed in our lives. Greer is still working hard and staying busy with his MMA workouts. Zoe is still super active and is soaking in everything. I can't believe how smart she is! And as for me... I am just trying to stay sane!